domingo, 4 de setembro de 2011

76° Amazing God

Today i was thinking about how great God is...

Have you ever thought that human beings are kinda... "small pictures" of how our God is?
I was amazed once again wondering about how fast our thoughts can travel inside of our minds... we can think and do and sing or say various things at the same time. we can sing while we take a shower...or think while we drive a car... wow. its almost like "being" in more than one place at time. and that makes me remember how God is - Allpresent.

Once Mr & Ms Eldredge said that beauty is something "transcendent", like if when we see somehing beautiful, we are carried to get amazed and more than amazed - we start to wonder of who would create such a beautiful thing? Beauty makes us think about God, the Creator.

So...from now on, when you think about yourself, and how perfectly your body works, or how special is a person for you, or anything like that...remember that the one who planned and designed and created all this beauty with perfection, is even more Beautiful and Special and Amazing...God.

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